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2015 Updates
May 25th 2015
June 13th 2015
June 14th 2015
October 1st 2015
November 11th 2015





Hi Everyone,

I had an amazing last meet of the season, which made up for the disappointment of not being able to ride at GWR. We took my 50cc Auto and my new 65cc Grass track bike.

I had 5 races on each bike, and took 10 straight wins, it was my last meet in the Auto Cadet class and was great to finish with a win!

Next year i move up to the Cadets and will be competing on my new Trak Plus built 65cc Grass track bike, which I have already started competing on, just to get the feel for it. And it feels GREAT.

Through the Winter, I will be concentrating on my Speedway bike and competing at the Scunthorpe Speedway Track in their youth series.

I will also be keeping up the training on my Cadet bike at the Spring Way training track in Somerset.

I would like to thank all my Sponsors, Friends and Family for supporting me, and I look forward in seeing you all next year.